History of pharmacy

 History of pharmacy

Origin & development

  • In ancient times,Pharmacist was responsible for making the drug into suitable dosage form acceptable to patient.
  • ''Bheshaj” is term used in India from last forty two years which is equivalent to Greek term "pharmacon" meaning drug from which the term pharmacy has been derived.

              Topics to be covered

  • Pharmacy definition
  • Revolutionary influence on the development of pharmacy and medicine
  • Physician revolutionary influence in medicine science
  • Oath of pharmacist

Pharmacy definition:

       Pharmacy is ther branch that deals with identification,procurement,formulation & dispensing of drugs.

Revolutionary influence on the development of pharmacy & medicine :

  • Throughout the history,many individual have contributed to the advancement of the health science.

  • Notable,among those had a revolutionary influence on the development of pharmacy & Medicine are 

  1.  Hippocrates (CA.460 - 377 BC)
  2. Dioscorides (1st Century AD)
  3.  Galen (CA.130 - 200 AD)
  4. Paracelusus (1793 - 1541 AD)

Physician revolutionary work in medical science 

   1. Hippocrates :

  •  A Greek physician is recognized for the introduction of scientific pharmacy & medicine.

  • He streamlined medicines,systematized medical on high ethical place.

  •  Because of his revolutionary work in medical science & his motivation techniques part of modern medicine.

  • Hippocrates is known as father of medicine.


    2. Dioscorides , 

  • A Greek physician & botanist wast first to used botany as an applied science of pharmacy.
  • De Materia Medica,his work, is considered a landmark in the development of pharmaceutical botany & in the study of naturally occurring medicinal materials.
  •  This area of study is today known as Pharmacogonsy.
  • Term formed from 2 Greek words, "Pharmakon" means drug & "gnosis" means knowledge.
  • His description of the art of identitying & collecting natural drug product ,the method of their proper storage,the mean of detecting adulternants or contaminated were the standards of that period,established the need for additional work & set guidelines for future investigators. 
  • Some of drug, he described,including opium,ergot,hyoscyamus ,continue to have use in medicine. Claudius Galen,a Greek physician, created a perfect system of physiology,pathology & treatment.

    3.Claudius Galen

  • Galen prepared doctrines that were followed for 1500 years. 

  • His medical writing include description of numerous drugs of natural origin with a large amount of drug formulas and methods of compounding.
  •  He originated so many preparations of vegetables drugs by mixing or melting the individual ingredients that the field of pharmaceutical preparation was commonly referred to as "galenic Pharmacy"at that time.


  •    Perhaps no person in history exercised such as revolutionary influence on pharmacy & medicine as did Aureolus Theophrastus Bomstus Von Hohenheim (1493 -154) ,a swiss physician and chemist who called himself "Paracelsus".
  •     He was 1st person who changes the pharmacy from a profession based primarily on botanical science to one based on chemical science.
  •    He emphasize that it was possible to prepare a specific medicinal agent to combat each specific disease and introduced a host of Chemical substance to internal therapy.
  •  Further,contribution was made byno.of scientist by developing new drugs from different sources.

Oath of a pharmacist:

  • At this time,I vow to devote my professional life to the service of all himankind through the profession of pharmacy.
  • I will consider the welfare of humanityand relief of huma suffering my primary comcerns.
  • I will apply my knowledge,experience & skills to the best of my ability to assure optimal drug therapy outcomes for the patients I serve.
  • I will keep abreast of development and maintain professional competency in my profession of moral,ethical & legical conduct.
  • I will embrace & advocate change in the profession of pharmacy that improves patient care.
  • I  take these vows voluntarily with the full realization of the responsibility with which I can entrusted by the public.

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