COVID-19 associated with Black fungus


  •   Mucormycosis are also known as Black Fungus which is deadly and serious fungus disease but rare fungal infection caused by group of molds (moulds) mucormycetes.

  •   Mucormycosis is a fungal infection caused by fungi species.

  1.  Rhizopus species
  2.   Mucor species. 

Another names

      Mucormycosis have other names are
            Black fungus.

                 Mucormycosis was possibly one described by 
Friedrich K├╝chenmeister in 1855.Furbringer first described the disease in the lungs in 1876.
           Arnold Paltauf coined the term Mycoscoymis Mucorina in 1885, after describing a case with systemic symptoms involving the sinus, brain and gastrointestinal tract, following which the term "mucormycosis" became popular in all over the world.

Classification of Mucormycosis

  • Cutaneous           -  Skin 
  • Rhinocerebral     -  Sinus & brain 
  • Pulmonary          -  Lung
  • Gastrointestinal  -  Stomach & intestine
  • Disseminated      - Blood

Covid-19 Correlated with Mucormycosis 

  •  Many Indian media outlets called it Fungus because of the discoloration of dead and dying tissue the fungus causes.

  • A number of cases of mucormycosis, aspergillosis and candidiasis  also known as black, white and yellow fungus respectively  linked to immunosuppressive treatment for covid-19.
  •  Most had been in hospital with severe breathing problems due to COVID-19, had recovered, and developed mucormycosis 10-14 days following treatment for COVID-19.


  • It is spread by spores of molds of the order Mucorales, most often through inhalation, contaminated food, or contamination of open  wounds.

  • Fungus are commonly in soils ,decomposing organic matter and animal manure but do not affect people.



  • Blackening & discoloration over the eye
  • Sinuses & brain result running nose 
  • One side facial swelling
  • Pain 
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Tissue death       

Prevention and precautions 

  •   Maintaining personal hygiene.

  •  Avoid going to dusty area, wear N95 mask of not able to avoid going to area with lot of dust .

  • Avoid activities that has direct contact with dust or soil. 
  • Clean the skin injuries with warm water and Antisepctic liquid to avoid having skin infection. 


 Diagnosis & testing

         Diagnosis,radiographic findings also help to diagnose mucomycosis of sinuses by checking the opacification of paranasal, sinuses fluid level .

     Mucormycosis is diagnosis under imaging often termed as biopsy, culture, CT scan, nasal endoscopy.


       Mature sporangium  of a  Mucomycosis


   Treatment involves a combination of antifungal drugs and correcting underlying medical problems such as diabetic ketoacidosis.  


  •  Antifungal medicine -  Liposomal Amphotericin B,Posaconazole, its given through by vein or by mouth. 
  •  20 vials of this injection are required for single person to treat.
  • Often requires surgery's to cut the infected tissues or parts.

Risk factor

    Predisposing factor for mucormycosis include conditions are diabetes ,ion overloaded,low white cells, organ transplant,cancer such as lumphomas kidney failure.


             Possible complications of mucormycosis include the partial loss of neurological function, blindness and clotting of blood vessels in the brain or lung.

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