Miracle happening of Remdesvir for covid -19


       Sold under the brand name VELKURY, is board-specytrum anti-viral medication developed by biopharmaceutical company Gilead sciences.

Other name 


Trade name


Chemical & physical formula


 Formula:C27H35N6O8PMolar               Mass:602.585 g·mol−1

Remdesivir overview 

         Remdesivir Anti-viral drug.   

         It was originally developed to treat hepatitis C , subsequently investigated for Eblo virus disease & Marburg virus infected before being studied as post - infection treatment for Covid-19.

      First medicine to get approved by FDA ( Food & drug administeration).

Interact with remdesivir

     Remdesivir ,itself is not affect other medication,other medication may affect remdesivir.Some medication with boost remdesivir level in bloodstream & some with reduce it.

       Antibiotics may do this include 

  • Clarithromycin
  • Rifampin.

  12 years of age & older who weigh atleast 40kg.IT works by stopping virus from spreading in body.


      Dosing regimen under study in U.S for remdesivir as follows:  

  • Initial one- time dose of 200mg 
  • Followed by 100mg per day for 10 days 
  • Administered via injectin into Vein.

Medicine to be used:

      Remdesivir comes under solution(liquid) & as powder to mixed with liquid and infused into vein  over 30 to 120min by doctor or nurse in hospital. 

      It usually given once daily 5 to 10 days 

      Length of your treatment depend on how well your body respond to medication.

      Remdesivir infection may cause serious reaction during & after the infusion of medication. 

Side effect 

    Healthy volunteers raised blood level of liver enzyme.

    Most common side effect in people with Covid - 19 is nausea.

    Side effect may include liver inflammation & infusion related reaction with nausea, low BP & sweating.

    Remdesivir is prodrug that intended to allow intracellular delivery of GS- 441524 monophosphate & subsequent biotransformation into GS-441524 triphosphate, ribonucleotide analogue inhibitor of viral RNA polymerase.

    Respiratory failure & blood biomarkers of organ impairment , including low albumin , low potassium ,low count of RBC ,low count of thrombocytes & elevated bilirubin ( jaundince).

Adverse effect 

       Gastrointestinal distress,elevated transaminase level in the blood ( liver enzyme),infusion site reaction & electrocardiogram abnormalities.

      It may cause infusion related reaction,including low BP , nausea , vomiting ,sweating or shivering.

Precaution should follow before remdesivir 

          Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to remdesivir , any other mrdication or any of ingredient in remdesivir injection.ask your pharmacist list of ingredient.

        Tell your doctor or pharmacist what other prescription & non prescription medication ,vitamin,nutritional supplement & herbal product you are taking or plan to take .Be sure to mention any of following : chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine.

         Ur doctor if u have or have ever had liver or kidney disease ,pregnant,plan to become pregant or breastfeeding .


     Direct contact with heat,air and light may damage your medicine.The exposure of medicine may cause some harmful effect.Medicine must be kept in safe place and out of children's reach

    Mainly drug should be kept at room temperature between 68 degree F & 77 degree F.

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