My Experience of pharmacy students !!


          Hi !! I'm B.Pharm graduated student.Now, I'm sharing my 4 years experience of my studies. I pursued in SRM college of pharmacy in chennai. In,2022 SRM college of pharmacy has ranked 12th in NIRF ( National Institutional Ranking Framework).
     Later, I share about the course details of B.Pharmacy.I have pursued in the regulations of the Pharmacy council of India,New delhi. 
     Now,I share my experience from 1st year to 4th year of my college life.

1st Year of My college life 

      In,2018 I have joined a college for pursuing B.pharm in chennai. My 1st day of college on 2nd July 2018. My 1st year has 2 semester 1st semester from july - December mid and 2nd semester from Jan - april mid. 
    In 1st year I have learnt about the structure and function of various organs of the human body, Identify the various tissues.
    And then I learnt about principle of voulmetric and electro chemical analysis and types of  titration,Knowing the history of profession of pharmacy And preparation of various conventional dosage form. 
   Determing the impurities and methods to determine the impurities inorganic drugs and pharmaceuticals and structure ,name and type of isomerism of organic compound. 
    I have 2 internal exams in each semester. I have both partical and theory exam in offline mode. 
    Finally, All exams, assignment ,partical labs and etc....I have completed My 1st year without arrears.

2nd year of My college life

       In 2nd year also has 2 semester. 3rd semester I have learnt about microbiology , pharmaceutical engineering. In this year, We have more interested to do particals and Determing the experiment.
     4th semester we knowing newly about pharmacogonsy its about the describing the drug which taken from the plants And we knowing more about pharmacology and medicinal chemistry. 
    We are waiting for 4th semester exam at that time pandemic has started. College has declared that 15 days holiday due to new virus separating everywhere. We're so happy when they announced as holiday bt later we're so worried after knowing the impact of Corona.
    And College has planned for Online class. And It's so difficult in the starting period we can't able learnt through the online mode. This semster we written exam through online mode and I have cleared this year without arrears.

My 3rd year of college life 

    This year also has 2 semester.This year is difficult to study in b.pharm.5th semester I have class through online mode and It's difficult for understanding through the virtual. 
   I have never ready and learnt anything when the class in online mode.Later, College announced that 5th semester exam in offline mode. 
   Later, I have studied last few days before exam each subjects. It's difficult to understand the terms of the drug and structure of drugs and we go to college and wrote exams in offline mode. 
   And our 6th semester also in online mode and Exam last few days before college has declared that classes in offline mode with restrictions like social distancing and with mask and etc rules.we have wrote our exam in offline mode.
   Atlast I completed my 3rd year without arreas. 

My 4th year of college life 

     In this year we have continually offline mode. This year also has 2 Semester. This year is my most favorite part of my college life and it's our final year. 
   We newly learnt about Pharmacy practice and projects, journals, paper published  and we have seminar exam in last semester.
  On this year, we have lots of questions like what we're going to do after graduated?  Going for higher studies or going to jobs and etc etc... So much of confusion arise .

Overall experience of my 4 years 

    I have learnt more knowledge and skills  about drugs and structure. I have both Theory and partical knowledge about drugs. I'm gain more about pharmaceutical fields. When I have fear before joining this course because this course has scope in Future bt at end of this course completion I'm happy that I have more scope and jobs are available in india and abroads. 

If you're willing to join this course?Yes,of course You can join this course without fear. If you have any enquiries about these course you can contact me.

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